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Chez Julien, Paris, France

Chez Julien – Paris

On a beautiful crisp winters morning, we set off for Chez Julien, along the Seine, Paris. We’re wrapped up just like the chap from Aerosmith with 17 scarves each. We’ve cocooned ourselves from the winter chill, it’s the kind of chill that startles you and reminds you you’re alive, for now, but maybe not for long.     We meandered through the 16th arrondissement, down the Champs through the 8th to the 9th where we decided to take a peek inside […]

Miss Kō - Futuristic asian street place right in the centre of Paris.

Miss Kō – Paris

Im not catholic but the idea of a guilt free lunch was appealing, so we decided to exercise ourselves around the 16th arrondissement of Paris prior to lunch at Miss KŌ.   The 16th arrondissement can be compared to the Upper East Side of New York and is home to members of Parisian high society.  The atmosphere is of old money combined with classic Parisian splendour tinged with the wiff of  “you should have worked a bit harder.”   We swing […]

Pleasure in Paris by Georgie

Marché Ave du Président Wilson

Today is market day. We rise early, dress and enjoy a hot espresso before wrapping ourselves, scarves, coats and hats and stepping out into the crisp blackness of the winter morning. Our street is dark and still, not another soul. Moving through the Paris streets at this time is magical. So quiet it is like time has stopped just for us to enjoy the beauty of the city alone. Within the deep calm as we walk, I feel the essence […]

Pleasure in Paris by Georgie

Restaurant Bon – Paris

Strolling through the 16th arrondissement we walk along blocks of apartments looking for our restaurant for today. The area is not particularly busy with shops or restaurants so when we walk by the large glass windows framing white dining tables and chairs we know we have arrived at Restaurant Bon. As we enter, the space is unmistakably Philippe Starck. The attention to detail, texture, tone, light and scale somehow creates a space that feels surreal but comforting. The warmth of faux […]

Pleasure in Paris by Georgie

Restaurant L’Ardoise – Paris

The metro is always exciting, Hector Guimard’s Art Nouveau entrances leading you down into the belly of the city where the colours of the metro lines will magically lead you to another part of the city. Green from our home station, then yellow to Concorde to Restaurant L’Ardoise.   Sounds silly, but I still have a childlike, butterfly in belly moment when we decide which sortie to choose, wondering what is waiting at the top of those stairs. It was light when […]

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