Georgie Bailey – Grants Management Consultant 


Leading Grants Management Consultant and SmartyGrants Consultant, Georgie Bailey is based in Canberra, Australia.

Georgie works with organisations that give out grants or funding including: government bodies or statutory authorities (federal, state or local government) philanthropic or other grant-making organisations, and corporate bodies (that is, businesses). Georgie is also the in-house consultant for SmartyGrants, an Our Community enterprise. 

Georgie provides a specialised bespoke SmartyGrants build, implementation and deployment based on her very own deep applied grants administration experience. As a previous SmartyGrants customer Georgie knows how to set up and fine tune SmartyGrants so customers get the best out of it, so they have a tailored solution that meets and exceeds their business needs.

Georgie works with organisations to gain an understanding of their business needs to supply business process design solutions, high-level conceptual custom development solutions and hand-crafted build solutions that help reduce costs of the grant process, increase efficiency, reduce bottlenecks and improve effectiveness. Georgie also links up with the SmartyGrants Delivery and Support teams throughout the process, ensuring a seamless implementation.

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Sensory Feasts and other Adventures

Georgie is passionate about food and cooking and she see’s it as pure creative expression. Travelling the world exploring cultures through gourmet discoveries brings her a great deal of joy.

Georgie’s independent reviews are an account of her experience on the day, whether celebrating simple local cuisine or immersing heryself in the creativity of some of the worlds most interesting chefs. In sharing these discoveries she hopes to it helps you with your own gourmet discovery.

Maybe Virginia Woolf was right, she once said,  “One cannot think well, love well and sleep well if one has not dined well”.



Grandma’s Hands

Georgie grew up with cooking as one of her earliest ways to express creativity and love. She was not exposed to fine dining or luxe ingredients but cooking with her grandmother she learnt about the most important ingredient, love!

Georgie’s grandmother taught her that one of the special ways to show people you care is through the food you make for them. She wrote her first ‘cookbook’ very young, carefully writing down the recipes her grandmother was showing her. Georgie drew little pictures to remind herself what things were. Her little cook book was filled with notes about how it should smell or feel, not measurements, it was a handful of this and a pinch of that! Georgie’s grandmother taught her how to cook by feel, how to trust her instincts.

Georgie carried this gift with herself into adulthood with some of her happiest moments spent cooking for people. Catering for family events, baking spectacular birthday cakes and Christmas preparations that went on for days!



Georgie accepts private art commissions from collectors worldwide. Georgie’s unique style is an intimate celebration of people themselves. Georgie’s art work has also been used to make a memorable creative statement in establishments across the corporate and hospitality sectors and homes.

Private art commissions enable a client to work closely with the artist to develop an original artwork specifically tailored to suit their brief and budget.

If you are interested in a private commission artwork please send an enquiry to Georgie’s management via the contact page.  I also offer consultation in person or via Skype to develop the brief. Studio based in Canberra, Australia.



Georgie is also passionate about writing and the opportunity it gives her to deeply explore memories and discoveries. Georgie’s writing is an expression of herself, a person that cherishes every moment in life, who sees the depth and beauty in what others may seem a simple moment.

Georgie takes a moment and walks slowly though it and around it, taking time to consider and appreciate all the little things and see how they make her feel.

There is so much she doesn’t  know, that I hasn’t  experienced before. It is such an exciting time in her life, she feel like a big kid, wide eyed and amazed at each new discovery!

Coming to self exploration later in life, Georgie has found a powerful connection to her own inner desires and the freedom to pursue them. Georgie writes from a place of deep appreciation and celebration of her experiences. Her work is grounded and honest self expression.