Never Ending Beginnings

Walking along the Seine as the soft autumn light starts to fade, golden leaves on the trees and crisp brown ones crunching below our feet is the perfect start to our new adventure, 6 weeks in Paris.  We begin with a visit to one of the most creative tables in Paris – Restaurant AT.   After a wonderful dinner we collapse into a heap – an unmovable feast.

Morning coffee then time to stock the kitchen, so it’s off to a food lovers paradise – The food street markets.  Kitchen stocked with fine French produce – YES! – now off to lunch in Paris in a beautifully decorated French mansion that leave eaves you feeling like you’ve just stepped back in time and into a fairytale – Le Clarence.  I’m not sure if there’s a more wonderful way to lunch in Paris but Le Clarence is up there.

London’s calling so we’re jumping someone else’s train – Paris to London for bucket list lunch at Heston Blumenthal’s –  The Fat Duck in the UK village of Bray.

Back in Paris for a masterclass of beauty in execution by Alain Passard at his 3 Star Michelin Paris restaurant Arpège – an experience that leaves me deeply moved and inspired.