Restaurant A.T - Chef-Atshushi-Tanaka

Restaurant A.T – Paris

Restaurant AT, a most unique and memorable experience on our last  Paris adventure, is first on our list on this one. Hot off the plane and and still travel weary after over twenty four hours 0f travel space, we are nevertheless vibed up about getting back to what we believe is one of the most creative tables in Paris.


Chef Atsushi Tanaka moved me deeply on our last visit and I am eager to again bathe in his quiet assured, deeply connected and creative energy that so lifted my soul.


The understated simplicity of Restaurant AT is still the same, so understated we actually walked right past it and were halfway up the next block before we realised it. Tonight we are seated in the cave downstairs, moody and softly lit and only few small tables.


The menu starts with the divine little brown butter leak that we have enjoyed before.


There are many elements of the menu that are familiar, Tanaka’s signature creativity is immediately apparent. His ability to reinvent and design mind blowing flavour combinations is seemingly endless though, with each plate, even those we thought seemed familiar at first, bursting with new flavour sensations. We are treated to surprise after surprise.


Some of tonight’s standout flavours include linseed and lovage, delicious Girolle mushrooms and a spectacular oyster topped with green bean and Sorrel granita.


The sense of surprise and delight that we recall from last time as clearly part of Tanaka’s intent, is still very strong, his ‘Camouflage’ dish still on the menu this time with beautiful sweet trout hiding below the juniper and parsley shards.


We also had to add the optional extra of Tanaka’s very unique take on foie gras to the menu. It could never really be an option if you know what you would be missing out on.


Tanaka has just been awarded The Best Chef Awards Food Art – 1st Place. His plates are a spectacular representation of striking design and beauty underpinned by imaginative, intriguing and surprising flavours. The man is quite simply an artist! To me it tells a story of someone that understands energy, understands all the senses and understands the soul. His creative practice does more to stimulate all the fibres of your being than any other chef.


Chef Tanaka has weaved his magic and his deliciously light yet intricately flavoured plates have definitely brought that very refreshing, invigoration of the soul that I was hoping to revisit.


It has been a wonderful first night in Paris and we are happy, satisfied and absolutely shattered. With the long travel day swiftly catching up on us we are very keen to crawl into our cosy Paris apartment bed and dose off to sleep with happy dreams of Tanaka’s beautiful plates dancing in our heads.