Hollywood-Hills-Black and White

Thrills Through Hollywood Hills

One last spin before we tuck the Mustang up for the last night. Up through the Hollywood Hills so we can look down over Los Angeles and really take it in.  

The homes in the hills feel more real than some of the super mansions we have seen this morning. More like real homes show pieces. We climb up through the hills along famous Mulholland Drive. The landscape is fascinating, there is a dry crinkly crust to the earth with sage green spiky and succulent sort of plantscape. I rather like it.


From up in the hills we have a majestic day time view of LA. It rolls from the greener treed hills, sparsely dotted with buildings to the busyness of city buildings in the valley. It is a great vantage point to really get a sense of just how far LA spreads.


We head back to our hotel as dusk comes, the valet takes our little Mustang and tucks it up for the evening. Tomorrow it goes back to be someone else’s ride and we get on a plane. Tonight we stay in and enjoy an easy evening meal up on the pool deck at Ivory on Sunset. At night it is just magical. The pool glistens in the moonlight and the view over LA is broken into six separately framed views each with a little table for two. What a perfect choice for our last night at the Mondrian.


Mondrian LA Skybar
Mondrian LA Skybar / Ivory on Sunset


Vodka Martini olive at the bar while we wait for a table, fabulous. The perfect table by the pool and tucked privately in the back corner is soon ready for us, the darkness of the open sky is broken by the little rectangle of light that is the backdrop for our table. We sit at the bottom of our private picture frame and as I look out at the dazzling view I imagine a photograph where we are in the frame with LA lights sparkling behind us.


We enjoy a nice meal, the most memorable part of it is the feeling, not the food. I can’t help but feel amazed, I am here in America.  LA is a place of excess, everything is big. It feels only skin (tanned skin) deep to me, boob jobs, botox, bleach, collagen fish pouts, the perfect people around us tonight working hard at playing the part of the character they think they should be.  I watch the two women at the table next to us order several large plates of food only to push it around the plate, take tiny tastes before waving to the waiter to take it away.


Everything around me feels a world away and it reminds me just how grateful I am to just be me, to know where my centre is. How lucky I am to be able to live a life of love, joy and celebration. LA has reminded me that there is a difference between living a life of excess and living a life without restriction.


I enjoy every bite of my food, every sip of my wine and every moment of a beautiful evening with my love as we celebrate another great adventure.