Lionel-Richie-Vegas-The Showman

All night long, thanks Lionel Richie

Now I’m ready to raise the roof and have some fun with Lionel and as we walk through the kaleidoscope of colour of Vegas pulsating around us I can’t help but think Life is definitely good, wild and sweet.



Great seats, just at the right height and just close enough to the stage, we are ready for a major flashback to our teens – the 80’s a time of red tracksuits, leather pants and big hair. Im remembering the spiral perm and the wrist straps and of course the leg warmers. Oh and the layered little skirts that my grandmother made me that didn’t quite come out as intended – I showed her pictures of Madonna but by the time she was finished I was somehow part Cyndi Lauper part Orphan Annie.


And then it started – no opening act to fill minutes – Lionel kicks off the show and goes hard the whole night, Song after song, hit after hit. The best of his solo stuff and the Commodores, a respectful tribute to Prince who had recently passed and a nod to friends like MJ and Diana Ross.


He was a consummate showman, commanding the stage, strutting, moving, grooving from one side to the other engaging all the audience. The only rest when he mopped his brow and sat at the piano to play an occasional number. So much energy, I swear he must sleep in some kind of cryogenic chamber at night, the dude hasn’t aged, he is as vibrant as ever.



Lionel Richie


I’m not sure why we even had seats we were up and dancing the whole night. A massive night with showbiz royalty!


Laughing and singing we boogie our way back to the Cosmopolitan where we enjoy the incredible view for a little while till we wind down enough to sleep. Our last night in America is spent curled up in a big comfy bed thumbing through the great books, architecture, design, photography and Art, stashed in our bedside tables and talking about the whole experience. Tomorrow we travel back across the desert and straight to LAX to board out big bird back to Australia.


For me America has been surprise after surprise and not at all what I imagined it might be. It is such a privilege to have the opportunity to explore new places and I am thrilled to be able to now say I’d actually love to go back to America!