Georgies Dog - Tyra Banksy

Goulburn Street Kid Turned Glamour Model

 An Interview with Ms Tyra Banksy


Life was pretty tough for a while there. I was on the streets, hungry lonely and scared. I had a deformed leg so getting around was tricky, I was pretty much skin and bone, my dull old coat hung loosely on my bony hips and ribs. I was surviving but only just.


Then I got caught, must have let my guard down for a second and next thing I know I’m banged up in Goulburn jail, sentenced to death for just being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Then came the day that changed my life forever. I got a visitor, Chloe from ARF.  She busted me out of there and took me to this cool halfway house.


I hung out with her and my new mate Bette Midler. She told me I was a going to be a model. She was the first person who had ever told me I was beautiful. Chloe cleaned me up, fed me up and got a photographer to take some portfolio shots. It didn’t take long for me to be discovered.


I was pretty shy and nervous still when I met them. They seemed nice and the gig sounded amazing. Resident model and hostess.


I was worried about whether they would like me, I was still scrawny, my face was scarred and my leg was very deformed. I still had a secret weapon though – I batted my big brown eyes at them bringing my long lashes slowly down and up again as I Iooked at them.


Tyra Banksy - Georgie's Dog


So when Chloe told me I’d got the gig I couldn’t believe it. Then to top off my day she told me I could get my leg fixed. I went to sleep that night dreaming of being able to run, wild and free.


She took me round to my new place before my big op. It was pure luxury. I had a very plush bed, and a chap to tend to my every need. Then I got to meet Jacob my surgeon.  I just loved Jacob – even though he basically broke both the bones in my leg and then wired me back together with this big metal ring thing attached to my leg. That was a tough 6 weeks I was sore, tired and sooo bored. My nurse back home was amazing, he kept me company, made sure I was comfortable and somehow convinced me to be still so I could heal.


Now?  …..Well I’m living the dream, I live at Georgie’s Boutique B&B. I’m elegantly filled out, no longer scrawny. My coat is so shiney. I have 2 big plush beds to relax in, my personal chef brings me big chicken dinners and I get these amazing green tea biscuity snacks delivered to nibble on if I’m peckish. I regularly pose for glamour shots in the art studio and I take my role as hostess very seriously, greeting guests with lots of love and enthusiasm. The best bit though is that I have a chauffeur who takes me in my little black car to the dog park where I can run!


I run and run, my sexy new leg stretched out, as I fly so fast, wild and free, just as I had always dreamed of.