Hotel-Costes By Stephane Pompougnac

Hotel Costes – Paris

Since opening in 1996, the Hôtel Costes still draws the film, fashion and media jet set. The interior, awash with maroon and mahogany, is lavish Napolean III as conceived by designer of the moment Jacques Garcia. There’s an Italianate courtyard overlooked by Roman gods, and a fitness club and swimming pool. The restaurant is for people-watching, as the din means you certainly can’t converse, and the waitresses seem chosen for their looks rather than efficiency.  

Summed up beautifully by Conde Nast Traveller


“Lifestyles of the rich and famous – always see it on TV or read it in a magazines … la la la”  I’m fussing with my hair, adding one more layer of mascara, popping on a heel and dancing back and forward in the mist of perfume spritzed into the air. Tonight my love is taking me to Hotel Coste and I am excited!


We are all polished up and looking good when we head off down the road. The Paris evening is beautiful and I feel beautiful in it. We arrive at the very pretty Hotel Coste and playing the character of one who belongs here I take long strides, chin held high as we enter a very moody dark and luxurious space. Lush wallpapers lots of red velvet, beautiful flowers and soft glowing chandeliers.


Our reservation for dinner on the terrace is not for a little while so after letting the maitre d know we are here we head to the bar for pre dinner drinks. The little bar is a fascinating space, lots of little intimate dark alcoves, velvet furniture and provocative semi-nude photography. We find a spot order drinks and enjoy the music.


It’s time to move to dinner so we head out to the central terrace, a courtyard in the middle of the hotel, open to the sky overlooked by balconies of suites above. It’s a little rainy so the big awnings are up protecting the patrons but only semi protecting the sharply dressed wait staff who get damper as the night progresses. Tables are close and everyone seems to be smoking.


The menu and the food we see around us is bistro fare and influenced by a range of cuisines, asian, italian. The signature dish is a spicy Thai beef – le Tigre. We are not super hungry so we order wine and burrata with parma ham to start with. This place is not really about the food it is all about the vibe.


I’m fascinated with the folk around us. A big group on the left, looks like maybe a birthday celebration, happy energy, hello kisses and hugs as more friends arrive. To the right, contrasting energy, an uptight, wealthy couple with clearly no interest in each other order burgers and fries. The couple right next to us chain smoking, shoveling in the odd bite of food between puffs.


What a fantastic spot for a bit of people watching. The terrace is surrounded by open French doors with more tables inside. We see a very elegant looking elderly couple arrive that really look perfect sitting here. “ Oh what a lovely spot, I’d like to sit in one of those little tables and look out at the pretty terrace”. My love has a quiet word with the waiter and he is very happy to relocate us. Yes perfect! A little more private and the terrace is now a stage in front of us.


We enjoy the entertainment of the other guests around us and I am loving the wildly extravagant feeling of the place. After a nice meal we go back to the bar for a digestive. On our way home we photograph the very beautiful hotel florist window display. The next day I do a little IPad painting of it. I still love that picture – the most magnificent roses!


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