Sacré Coeur – Looking out over the city of Paris

Today we are off on an adventure. From the city we can see the beautiful white church Basilica du Sacre-Coeur de Montmartre, that highlights the horizon.



Sacre-Coeur is a church built on the highest part of the city and its majesty is tangible even from a distance. We take the metro to Sacre Coeur. I am so excited as we head toward our Sortie. I didn’t realise just how far down in the depths of the city our train had taken us. We trek up stair after stair after stair before we finally emerge on the streets below the Sacre Coeur. As I surface I am puffing and panting from what feels like seven million steps and then I look up and any breath I had is immediately taken away . There it is, Sacre Coeur. majestic and awe inspiring. Spectacularly white – the magical properties of the travertine stone that it is constructed from keeping it sparkling.


There are still many many steps to climb after emerging from the metro but the beautiful white curves of the basilica of the sacred heart of Paris perched upon the summit of Montmartre call me on, the several flights of metro stairs forgotten and the many stone steps ahead of us suddenly not so daunting. Finally exhausted and exhilarated we are there at the front of the Basilica and below us the most magnificent view of Paris from the highest point in the city.


It is rather strange, the majesty of this incredible building from a distance is a little lost up close, lost in thick swarms of people clambering around it. Visitors like us and many many hawkers selling everything from hats and berets to eiffel tower keyrings and beggars. It is actually a little scarey, we have seen many hawkers and beggars on our travels but these guys are aggressive and relentless. We watch as they grab people as they try to walk by desperately encouraging them to buy. We plan our escape down the long front stairs and make a strategic decent cleverly ducking and diving around them holding tight to our belongings.


Finally away from the throng we look back again at the beautiful white building perched high on the hill above us. It really is a masterpiece and it has been a great adventure coming to see it.