Paradisus-Cancun-Black and White

Turquoise water, the white soft sands of Cancun

Welcome to Mexico, turquoise blue sea, crystal white sand, idyllic beach pavilions swathed in fabric billowing in the breeze and knee deep in shiney golden bodies.

A Mexican beach resort is probably not the first choice we would usually make. The freedom of independent travel and sitting in and living a location rather than being a tourist is such a wonderful thing. This trip is a little different though, we are attending an event that just happens to involve several days in a resort in Cancun.


Paradisus, Cancun, Mexico


It is apparently a really popular American holiday choice, all paid upfront, all you can eat, all you can drink. We didn’t realise just how popular until we got off the plane at Cancun airport.  I have never seen anything like it, the arrivals hall was packed solid. There was nothing that looked like a distinguishable cue, just one enormous seething mass of hot sweaty bodies. Nothing seemed to be moving, I tried to see over the people to see if the customs guy’s were actually processing anyone. Ooh yes I think so, but so very slowly. Hours of shuffling an inch forward every now and then, we finally emerged out the other side where activity was much busier, with taxis, buses and drivers waiving cards with names on. There is ours! What a relief to get out of that airport. I am not sure it is something we will ever do again!


Paradisis Cancún is a 5 star resort right on the Caribbean sea. It is pretty unusual, the pyramid shape building is a nod to the Mayan history of the location and inside the high central atriums are alive with vines tumbling from balconies several floors up, all the way down to what feels like a rainforest floor. Potted trees and plants surround large ponds filled with huge beautiful goldfish. There are bridges crossing the pond, timber decks with restaurants on them and places to sit quietly nestled among the trees.  Well this looks pleasant, we can do this for a few days.


There is something like nine different restaurants here, most included in the package.  Over our time here, we try what look like the best and they were ok but definitely suffering from mass food production. It is only to be expected in a situation where thousands of people need to be fed several times a day. The other thing was dining with folks who were very keen on maxing out their all inclusive package. The breakfast buffet Mojito was definitely a thing for some!