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Chez Julien, Paris, France

Chez Julien – Paris

On a beautiful crisp winters morning, we set off for Chez Julien, along the Seine, Paris. We’re wrapped up just like the chap from Aerosmith with 17 scarves each. We’ve cocooned ourselves from the winter chill, it’s the kind of chill that startles you and reminds you you’re alive, for now, but maybe not for long.     We meandered through the 16th arrondissement, down the Champs through the 8th to the 9th where we decided to take a peek inside […]

Restaurant in the Eiffel Tower, Paris, France

Le Jules Verne – Tour Eiffel – Paris

I’m a little frightened of heights, not heights so much as falling. I’m ok looking out as long as I don’t look down. Jules Verne is 123 m up on the second floor of the Eiffel Tower so before I can start to get excited about the food I have to get past the trip up in the lift…the lift with the view! Strategically placed in the middle of the lift so I can peek at the skyline over my […]